D.I.Y. Demolition: tiles

Selfie with hammer

Selfie with hammer

Last weekend, I couldn’t wait to get busy. There isn’t much I can do at this point on my own, but I got in there with hammer and chisel (actually a large screwdriver) and went at those kitchen and bathroom tiles with all my strength. I watched a couple of YouTube videos and have seen millions of HGTV programs, so I knew I could handle it. Where are the Property Bothers when I need them?

Good thing I am a hands-on type of gal, and have a well-stocked tool box. It only took me a couple of hours in the kitchen to remove the back-splash wall and a few hours in the bathroom. I will let the experts remove the under layer and the bathroom floor tiles. The bathroom fixtures need to come out first anyway. Better wait for the plumber.

TIP: be sure to hold your hammer/chisel at the base, closest to the wall, so that you don’t slip with your hammer and hit your knuckle! Hold at a lateral angle and get under the tile at several points. Some even come off whole. Wear gloves, safety goggles, and protective clothing/shoes.

Kitchen nitch before tile demo

Kitchen nitch before tile demo

Kitchen nitch after tile demo

Kitchen nitch after tile demo

To see a before image of the bathroom, go to the previous post: Clean Slate.

I have to wait until the real construction crew arrives with the permits to dispose of the old tiles. If I get caught discarding them in the street dumpster, I could get fined. Luckliy, the local supermarkets love to give away boxes. After looking at the photo above, you could say I must be crackers! But not really…it wasn’t so bad.

Bathroom mid tile demo

Bathroom mid tile demo

Yes, that was the tiny shower corner seen above near the door. Not acceptable, especially since I don’t get a bathtub. The shower needs to be at least comfortable. It will be near the window and much larger. The photo below makes the current bathroom look pretty desolate, but that will change soon.

Bathroom mess

Bathroom mess

Next post: Men at Work: demolition begins



7 thoughts on “D.I.Y. Demolition: tiles

  1. I envision the window will be in the new shower, similar to your recent rental apartment’s design. Nice idea, good use of space.

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