Roof & balcony repairs

Just to give an idea of why I have scaffolding in my back yard, which will be dismantled by the end of the month, here are some details of the areas that were in need of repair. The previous owner of my apartment did not want to agree to let workers have access to the back of the building through her home and yard, but since the work began before I moved in, I agreed, also because I wanted to have a nice façade with safe balconies suspened over my garden and over my head! The works had to be done.

I did not know about the scope of the work, nor the costs, when I purchased the apartment, so the extra costs were somewhat of a surprise to me. The previous owner has agreed to pay for a small portion of my total, which is calculated by a report called millesimali (divided into 1000 units) made by a geometra who calculates the divisions of each home based on several characteristics such as square meters, location in the palazzo (level, position, etc.), and other technical details. Yes, even though I do not have a balcony, nor was water leaking in my ceiling, but all of these costs fall under the condo and are shared. In any case, the iron beams and braces on the balconies were rusting out and concrete was falling from above. And on the roof, some minor repairs needed to be made including replacing some rotted wood beams on the overhang and replacing the gutters with shiney new copper ones!

(Photos taken by the architect and engineer.)


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