European bathroom design: exposed brick and gray tile

Contemporary meets old style

New bathroom: contemporary meets old style

Long overdue, this post features images of the finished bathroom which underwent a complete renovation and redesign. I chose a warm grey porcelain tile for the floor (60×60 cm) and walls (30×60 cm) and to have them laid in-line rather than staggered. The starkness contrasts with the revealed brick wall where the sink is located. The plaster was removed from the original bricks. I cleaned and treated the original bricks with acid and sealant. The color is warm and works well with the recuperated aged bathroom door.

Weathered door with extension detail, wall sconces, and antique mirror

Weathered door with extension detail, wall sconces, and antique mirror

Pozzi-Ginori sink: 500 series

Pozzi-Ginori sink: 500 series

The sink area was formally part of the hallway, but was a dead space and unusable. I had the door and entry of the bathroom relocated to enlarge the space and shorten the unnecessarily long hallway. The shower stall was relocated to the end of the bathroom space where the window is located. This gave the shower more space and visually shortened the length of the long bathroom. The shower basin is ceramic 90×90 cm. I found a salvaged piece of marble and had it cut to create a bench and shelf in the shower. The color of the tiles is also a perfect solution for having hard water that is rich in calcium and tends to leave a white residue.The radiator is wall mounted.

The ceiling was raised from a below standard level to 242cm and 280cm in the shower area. An Italian technique called grassello di calce (similar to Venetian plaster) was applied to the walls and ceiling in a light gray. The surface is smooth and slightly reflective and the material repels moister due to the wax coating. The lighting includes wall sconces hand-fabricated from plumbing tubes, a basic ceiling fixture, and 3 recessed halogens. The floor has an electric under-tile heating “mattress.” The sink is from the Pozzi-Ginori 500 series designed by Antonio Citterio. The toilet and bidet are by Catalano. The mirror is an antique.

Catalano bidet and toilet

Catalano bidet and toilet

See design details in the bathroom.

See in-progress bathroom construction.

See tile demolition in the bathroom.



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