Garden: getting it together

The garden as of May 2015

The garden as of May 2015

The back yard is still a work-in-progress but is coming along. The space is about 80 square meters and is an irregular shape surrounded by a rustic stone wall. The large tree is a Bay tree. The patio pavers were left by the previous owner, but they were removed and replaced in a grid format with spaces for green to grow and anchor the grid visually.

The brick path and border are made with the bricks that were salvaged from the interior wall that was opened up between the kitchen and living area. The idea is to have geometric order contrasting with natural curves. Most of the plants and flowers are young and flourishing, even in the shady areas. In the back corner where the sun falls, there are herb boxes and tomato plants. Other plants include: lemon tree, olive tree, jade, jasmine, rose, red tips, impatients, boxwood, hydrangea, ferns, geraniums, and more. Now, if only the grass will grow! Below is a before photo with subsequent progression shots.


The back yard before


Arranging the brick border

Pavers in a perfect grid

Pavers in a perfect grid



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