Maps, doors, table, & windows

Where to go from here? Works in the apartment have been long finished since the summer of 2014, but things evolve, as a living breathing home is never finished. Some decorative details have been added and more art has been placed on the walls. The front door has been selectively stripped of old paint to reveal a unique distressed surface, almost creating its own “map” recording its painted history. The entry hall has been hung with a collection of vintage maps including this one above, a hand-drawn map of a borgo in Tuscany, found in an old flea market book.

Entry hall with maps and bathroom door

Entry hall with maps and bathroom door

In the study, a work surface has been made from an old window shutter and a layer of concrete. Two new windows on the front (street) side have been replaced in the bedroom and the study. As much as I wanted to retain the old wooden trimmed windows, new PVC ones are much more energy and noise efficient. I chose a white frame for the interior and a faux wood frame for the exterior to match the other windows on the façade of the palazzo. Even though I chose not to replace the windows during the remodel, their subsequent installation proved to be less of a hassle than I expected. Wall paint colors were matched for touch-ups and curtains were finally suspended.



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