Asbestos is not the bestest, but imagine the kitchen

Kitchen area

Kitchen area

big-bagSince the last post, works have been continuing at a snail’s pace due to one delay after another. One small complication was the presence and removal of the 2 condominium tubes in the bathroom, the “acqua chiara” and the “acqua scura” that contained asbestos, or amianto. Private companies can safely remove the material for a fee, or regular citizens can purchase a self-removal kit from the local waste management company, Quadrifoglio. The owner of the property must have a TARI account number, essentially an account which administers the annual garbage fees associated with a property. In order to purchase the kit (one really Big Bag, and one safety suit) for 25 euro, one must first make an appointment to retrieve it at the Quadrifoglio location, but only on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:30-5:30pm. After filling out several forms including one that claims exactly with what vehicle/proprietor/license plate number you will be transporting the materials. Then, the materials can be left at the special eco-station. The same company will also pick up large scale refuse from residences for free upon scheduling an appointment.

The tubes have now been replaced and most of the electrical wiring and plumbing has been inserted and securely cemented. The bathroom floor will be raised 10cm to accommodate the additional requirements. Try to imagine the bathroom according to the plan/elevation drawing and sketch below. At this point, it seems difficult to believe that it will eventually be quite nice.

In the middle of the main room is the mixer for the intonaco which coats the wall surfaces and fills in gaps that have been created. The machine had to be taken apart to enter through the door and reassembled inside the apartment. Most of the cement has been applied now in the kitchen area and the bathroom. The wall surfaces will eventually be sanded down and finished with a thin velo surface before it is painted.

Cement mixer

Cement mixer

The kitchen should arrive in about a month. The quartz counter top will not be black as seen below, but a very light grey. Because the sink is in front window, the faucet will be a telescope design to allow for the windows to open inward. Sliding windows that are so common in the US are not very common in Italy.




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