Final phases of construction and finishes


New kitchen installed

The final phase of finishes is here! Over the past couple of months, several steps have been completed: the treatment of the terracotto flooring (cleaning and waxing), painting of the walls and ceiling, installation of the sanitary elements (bathtub, sink, and toilet), new radiators, and the kitchen.

Before the kitchen cabinets could be installed, the lower height of the kitchen window had to be raised so that the kitchen counters could be installed at 91cm high. This height change was due to the step height added in the kitchen zone required for tubing and pipes. The front and side windows of the apartment were also removed and the sills squared before new PVC windows were installed.


New sanitary items in the bathroom

The bathroom sanitary items were installed: an asymmetrical Pozzi-Ginori sink, toilet, bathtub, and shower. The walls and ceiling in the entire apartment were painted. Electrical wiring was finished and lighting fixtures have been installed. All utilities (water, gas, and power) were previously set up, including wi-fi and satellite TV.

After almost 8 months of construction (and many more of planning, coordination, and design work) move-in time is finally here. In process are a few finishing touches, interior door installations, and a marble detail for the bathroom. The next post should include final photographs of the new abode.


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