Italian Renovation Reveal: The Kitchen

The open-plan kitchen in the Fiesole Project is really quite spacious. After several different design renditions, this one was the decisive plan. The white cabinets are tall with ample storage, concealing the refrigerator, dishwasher, stove hood, and gas water heater. The counter top is a dark grey quartz, mimicking the color of the local pietra serena stone step up, required to make the old floor more substantial and to add plumbing beneath the floor to reach the sink. To make space for the sink to be placed under the window, the actual window sill opening had to be slightly raised, but the extra effort was worth the ability to look out at plants and greenery across the street. The flat white back-splash is composed of a version of subway tiles, set in line rather than staggered. The left wall of the kitchen was constructed to enable the bathroom to be enlarged. There is some upper storage area tucked in above part of the bathroom.

Last year, when we first visited this apartment, the kitchen looked hopeless (see below). Now with the wall knocked out and the space opened up, it’s not even comparable to what it used to be. Remember the shower stall in the corner and the portable gas tank cooking surface?

2 views of the kitchen from the agency ads

2 views of the kitchen from the agency ads


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