Italian Renovation Reveal: The Bedroom


The bedroom of the Fiesole Project is a spacious comfortable size, with the same high ceiling as the rest of the home. The furniture is a mix of curated antiques, framed vintage prints (a collection of Venus images), an antique metal chandelier, a contemporary wardrobe, and oriental wool rugs that cushion the original terra cotta floor. The old window, as the others in the home, have been replaced by more energy efficient PVC frames. The original green shutters remain on the exterior. The bedroom door was enlarged from the previous small opening and replaced with a recycled interior door from the Florence Project. It is said that the original front entrance to the apartment was once in the corner of this room behind where the wardrobe sits now, so it must have once been the living space. Not much more intervention was needed for this room besides the floor refinishing, new electrical, and paint.




One thought on “Italian Renovation Reveal: The Bedroom

  1. “A Good House is Never Done”, is a title of a book that explores how living spaces change and evolve as their owner’s lives do. For the most part, my Fiesole home is finished with a few interior furnishing changes that occurred in recent months. We are planning on changing out the main apartment door and replacing the shutter that is falling apart to an extent that it can’t be restored. Also, a fresh coat of paint on the condo’s time-worn exterior is long overdue and will be addressed soon I hope.

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