Kitchen furniture D.I.Y. details

Glassware cabinet & buffet

Glassware cabinet & buffet-bar

My kitchen is in full use, but I needed some more storage for dishes and glassware. I found this great antique piece of furniture at a used shop in Florence. I love the lines and curves and how it contrasts with the clean contemporary design of the new kitchen. I sanded the top and painted the rest white, with a distressed finish. See the before and after:

Antique buffet

Antique buffet (before)

Antique buffet (after)

Antique buffet (after)

I also wanted a small handy unite above the coffee machine, but was limited to size and hanging method due to the steel I-beam structure in the wall at the opening. My idea was to find some old wooden wine crate boxes because the size was perfect and the wood adds warmth. After doing some research, I found it very difficult to locate a source for boxes (yes, even living in Tuscany), but the guys at the Cantinetta Antinori in Florence were kind enough to give me four 6-bottle boxes which worked perfectly. I wanted two 12-bottle boxes, but was told several times that those are mostly found only in the US. I cut some wood to make shelves, stained the wood, and attached everything with glue and screws. Here is the result, perfect for coffee cups and accessories:

Wine box shelf unit

Wooden wine box shelf unit

Kitchen corner

Kitchen frig/coffee corner

For other rescued, recycled and refurbished furniture restoration/decoration projects I have done, see:



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